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SU 10.png


    Minimizes scarring

           Eliminates suture tying

                                 Quick closures

                                        Cost effective

See the latest in optimal wound closure:  to be released globally in 2023

Please note: this is a prototype shown and may differ from the product to be released. 

Happy New Year!



Wishing everyone a happy and healthy 2023! Thank you for all of our members, distributors and partners for all their great work to make 2022 a successful year.

In response to Covid, we have moved a portion of our manufacturing in house so we can continue uninterrupted as things progress in light of continued Covid concerns. 

SubQ It! is the only bioabsorbable skin closure system designed for closing small and laparoscopic incisions.
SU 10.png

Opus KSD, Inc. has developed the SubQ It! bioabsorbable skin closure system, a disposable stapler pre-loaded with 10 bioabsorbable fasteners which are inserted subcutaneously, ideal for incisions up to 10 cm. 

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