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The SubQ It! - How It Works

SubQ It! works in a completely new way for skin closures. All other staplers, even manually tied stitches, pinch, clamp and tightly bind small amounts of tissue which causes local ischemia. The barbs of the SubQ It! fastener engage relatively far from the cut edge (red lines in drawing below) potentially providing improved healing, lowered risk of infection, and less reparative response of the tissue.

Adson forceps are used to fold each side of incision over foot to expose sub-dermal tissue. Barbed legs of the fastener are hollow and supported by surgical needles during insertion.

Needles drive fastener legs into the tissue and then retract, leaving the fastener embedded in the dermal tissue. Barbs on each leg catch in tissue.

Legs spread angularly, incision is held together by tensile strength of the bridge.

Video of SubQ It! in action

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