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Operating Room

The latest in optimal wound closure

SubQ It! is the only bioabsorbable skin closure system designed for closing small and laparoscopic incisions.

Please note: this is a prototype shown and may differ from the product to be released. 

untitled.301 (1).png


    Minimizes scarring

           Eliminates suture tying

                                 Quick closures

                                        Cost effective


Closing incisions is inevitable and takes time for the surgeon, staff and OR. 

Metal staples must be removed, leave significant scarring, and are uncomfortable for the patient. 

Sutures take more time to close an incision yet leave a better cosmetic appearance.


SubQ It! bioabsorbable dermal fastener provides for a rapid, subcuticular close 7X faster than sutures and eliminates the need for removal, discomfort and time to remove metal staples.

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Opus KSD designs, manufactures and distributes the SubQ-It! dermal fastener., FDA approved, ISO 13485 registered. 

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