Short Incision: Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy ​​
Long Incision: Inguinal Hernia
Long Incision: Cesarean Section
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 SubQ It! Bioabsorbable Staples 
 Metal Surgical Staples 

Many surgeons still use metal surgical staplers because of the time savings (4 minutes for staplers versus 9 minutes for manual sutures for the average procedure). But staplers are becoming obsolete due to the increased risk of infection, cost and patient anxiety of returning to remove the staples. Now compare to the SubQ It! fastener, only 0.0064 grams, as fast to install as a metal staple, but it goes in under the skin so patient has minimal scar - and it’s biodegradable – no need to come back to have them removed.


Overview Videos

Brief SubQ It! Overview
SubQ It! 7 Second Deployment

Training Videos

In Service Training Video (Complete)
Lessons Learned: Optimize results
Note: Due to various stages of approval, not all product models represented here are available in all regions.    
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