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Benefits of using SubQ It!


Saves Time for Surgeons

Get the quality result of a subcutaneous closure in a fraction of the time!
One subcuticular interrupted stitch can take over a minute to complete.
Deploying one SubQ It! fastener subcutaneously takes only 7 seconds.

Cost Effective

The overall cost of using SubQ It! is less than other methods. 
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Quality Results for Patients

No fear of returning to have metal staples removed.
Reduced risk of infections and wound ruptures. 
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Ideal conditions for healing - minimal scars.  
Photo above shows Cesarean Section after 6 weeks



The simple, low cost SubQ It! Stapler is manufactured, preloaded with the fasteners, sterilized and sealed in a foil laminate pouch. When the stapler is first removed from the packaging, the plunger is in the “up” position and the needles are hidden within the housing. Safety features include a safety tab that must be removed before the plunger can be depressed the first time.  After the last fastener has been dispensed, a safety stop interferes with the plunger to block it from being pushed again.

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Evidence based justification for using SubQ It!