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Benefits of Using SubQ It!

Saves Time

Saves Time for Surgeons

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42 seconds.jpg
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Get the quality result of a subcutaneous closure in a fraction of the time!
One subcuticular interrupted stitch can take 42 seconds to complete.
Deploying one SubQ It! fastener subcutaneously takes only 7 seconds.
Cost Effective
The overall cost of using SubQ It! is less than other methods. 
Read more here: Cost Benefit Analysis 

Cost Effective


Quality Results for Patients

No fear of returning to have metal staples removed.
Reduced risk of infections and wound ruptures. 
Ideal conditions for healing - minimal scars.  
Photo above shows Cesarean Section after 6 weeks


The SubQ It! Stapler comes sterile, preloaded with 10 bioabsorbable fasteners placed beneath the skin utilizing 2 small needles.  Out of the package, the needles are safely secured within the housing of the device with a safety tab preventing the possibility for a needle stick. Only when the safety tab is removed can the needles advance.  After the fastener is deployed, the needles immediately retract further eliminating any possibility of a needle stick.  When the cartridge is empty, a final safety stop mechanism is engaged keeping the needles safely secured inside the device.  
SU 10.png

Optimal Wound Closure for Patient

Wound Closure
Additional benefits and references can be found here: Evidence based justification for using SubQ It!
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